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Worldwide Sales of Multi-Batch: Trusted and Praised Across the Globe
Multi-Batch has garnered a strong global presence, with satisfied customers spanning across the USA, South America, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Don't just take our word for it, here are some comments from our delighted customers:
I just wanted to write you and tell you that the new multi-batch program is amazing. Not only does it save me time in plotting but I can batch just about any group drawing change.  It doesn't matter if the client changes a text style or color of a layer or even what layers they want printed.  I can write my own script for it if there isn't one already, and there it is!!!! Massive time saver.  
Thanks again.

Shane - USA
"The usefulness of MultiBatch is unbelievable. The cost is insignificant for it's function. It more than pays for it's self in one use. We can't thank you enough for such a great product!"

Jack  - USA
Thank you for the quick response.  The registration number worked. This program is a huge asset to our company and a mega time saver. We are constantly binding CAD files, making PDF’s and printing.  Thank you for a great product.

Michael - USA
I want to thank you again for your help in implementing Multi-Batch.
I introduced Multi-Batch here to help the CAD/hardware design team perform batch plotting (they're using AutoCAD LT). 
They are accustomed to using E-Plan for their work...
E-Plan provides batch-plotting, so they really missed this capability before Multi-Batch.
After a little coaching, the guys are also using Multi-Batch to edit block
attributes, and they have learned to write/debug scripts.
It's a real labor-saver for them, and an advantage on an otherwise difficult project.
Again, thanks for your help.

Rick  - USA
"I have downloaded the software, purchased the licence and started using Multibatch yesterday. I must say that I think the program is superb and has already saved a massive amount of time. It is probably the best £20 this company has ever spent." 

Tom - England
A BIG THANKS for your excellent software. It took it two hours to print in png format, 4,300 drawings. Multi-Batch is Reliable, Fast and Extremely Flexible.
Very nicely & professionally done.
Thanks again,

Periklis - Greece

"Just wanted to convey my gratitude to you & multi-batch!  I was able to translate all our drawings (over 3000) on time & even ahead of schedule.
Migrating drawings normally requires team effort.  In my case, it was my project!  I had no one to depend on but me.  I had to go thru many trial-and-error method of research because the Helix platform was no longer supported.  But thru determination & the help of your product, I was blessed & sane again!  Now that our parent corporate has heard of the news, they're in the process of purchasing the software too.  Again, thanks for everything & take care."

J.B. - USA

Multi batch, a really good program to have. All the mundane work done in minutes. I have used it now since 2001 for various projects and it gets better all the time. Where you have heaps of drawings to do, this the solution for your time constraints. (just don't tell'm) Can only recommend it

Nic - Australia
"Just wanted to thank you for your quick response. I am thoroughly impressed with both your product and sales support. The software fulfils everything I've always wanted to use with AutoCAD LT, and now your service matches that!"

Brian - USA

"Your routine worked great and the program was flawless and intuitive. You have saved my company hundreds of hours."

Rick - USA

"Your product has improved the quality of my job considerably. Multibatch has automated so many tedious, mindless tasks freeing me from endless amounts of drudgery. Thank you again..."

Eugene - USA

We have found multi-batch to be one of the best utilities we have downloaded - great product!

Andy - England

"Multi-Batch has been working like a charm. We've used it for several 'rush' projects and it has come threw with flying colors. One such project was converting nearly 1000 files from AutoCad 2000 to AutoCad 13. What would have taken days was accomplished in less than an hour. That alone was well worth the price. We are pleased with Multi-Batch and if the flow continues as is, we may have to purchase another license so more than one person can be efficient."

Troy - USA
"Multi-Batch is an awesome program. It is a BIG time-saver at a small price, well worth the $29 price tag. Tech support is top-notch too! Keep up the good work guys!."

Jeff - USA

"I finally got a chance to test out Multi-Batch and I have to say that I'm impressed."
"I am excited about the possibilities of this program." 

Doug - Canada

"This little program is fantastic!  I have been searching for a AutoCAD LT2000 batch print program for several months and this one handles the job perfectly.  It takes a little time to get the settings just right and you'll burn a lot of paper doing it but the end result is well worth the effort.
The demo version only lets you print off three files at a time but it was enough to convince the boss to shell out for the full version (29.00US) which lets you spool as many files as you want.  It also automates other time consuming tasks like converting a batch of files to R-14."

Tom - USA

I rely heavily on Multibatch to perform simple, repetitive tasks on a large number of files at a time. I used to spend most of a morning printing out dwgs the old way, with your program it takes me only a couple of minutes to do the same thing. With the sample scripts included, it took little time to learn how to write my own scripts
One final note, I am impressed with the quick response to questions I have had in regard to your program.

Craig - USA
I have emailed you a testimonial in the past, of how well Multi-Batch works for me. - But today, it really paid off.
I have MANY dwgs that I need 14 different commands done to, each! The old way would have taken me a couple of days worth of work. I created a script within Multi-Batch, tested it, then tested it a couple more times, then ran it on 477 dwgs, it took a little under 5 minutes to do them all!
This program is great! I can't believe I used to do each dwg individually! 
Keep up the good work

Craig - USA

We, around here, really appreciate this program - it has saved us a lot of time and effort and we use it constantly. You have provided an excellent and needed program at a very
reasonable price and we inform everyone we communicate with about Multi-Batch! Applause to all of you there, my friend.
I also thank you for your quick response to my problem and the quick fix you provided.
Jim - USA
It is great to see a company that can provide a hassle free product that offers many batch routines with just a couple of clicks and that works the way you would expect a batch routine to.

Mark - USA

“I am using multibatch v3.0 and I regard it as excellent. It’s very easy to use and really flexible. Beyond batch plotting, it permits me to make changes in large groups of drawings quickly and nearly effortlessly. And, best of all, the support is great. I had answers to my e-mail questions never later than the next day and many times in the same day.
I use an international version (Brazilian) of ACAD LT 2000.
I work mainly with electrical drawings, where there are huge number of pages and repetitions. A simple task of changing one name in all drawings was, before, a very time consuming task. Not to say printing 300 pages, one by one. No longer.

Marco - Brazil

"I have downloaded the software, purchased the licence and started using Multibatch yesterday. I must say that I think the program is superb and has already saved a massive amount of time. It is probably the best £20 this company has ever spent." 

Tom  -  England

"The usefulness of MultiBatch is unbelievable. The cost is insignificant for it's function. It more than pays for it's self in one use. We can't thank you enough for such a great product.
Here is an example of the savings it makes.
After completing a project drawing submission for a construction project, we archive the files to keep an image of them at the time of the submission.
What MultiBatch allows us to do is prepare them in approximately 5 minutes, where it used to take 45.
We do our own plotting for submissions, so when we do one that is 43 sheets, just for one set it changes the time from 30 minutes to 2 minutes. When you consider that we do this regularly with intermittent review sets, it adds up quickly, so thank you for your great work."

Jack - USA

"The Plot Using Detailed Information has been extremely useful when creating plot files. We make a lot of plot files in order to out-source the printing for submittals. It's unfortunate Autodesk is seemingly ignoring that ability, your routine has been the only way I have found to plot R2000 era drawings without needing to set a specific Page Setup current first.

Additionally, a week after getting the upgrade, I found myself needing to update a set of drawings from a few years ago concerning a modular building that the client wanted to build more of in five different communities. This means I had five different new projects to create from the single set of drawings. I used several different routines in Multi-Batch to accomplish updating the drawings such as Detach Xref, Attach Xref, Change Font Style, Import Page Setups, and one or two others I can't remember at the moment.

This program allowed me to significantly decrease the time spent editing multiple files in the different project folders. I especially enjoy being freed from the arduous task of performing the same editing tasks on drawing after drawing after drawing...

It's a great program that I have notified our other departments and offices about it and will be discussing more during our next monthly CAD meeting."

Donn - USA

"I am very pleased with your product and find it's flexibility very helpful.  Thanks again"

Brian - USA

In one day, I was able to:
1. write a script to perform a complex function 
2. batch that script to 400 isometrics 
3. batch insert a new block to all 400 isometrics 
4. batch plot all 400 isometrics with the new changes and blocks
and I did this all in one work day. Where as my supervisor estimated that it would take approximately 200 man hours to do this work manually. 
MB saved the day…AGAIN.

Buddy - USA

After 2 years of using Multi-Batch I can say that it is a great program.
Thank you very much for it! I just can't imagine what could I do without it!

Raisa - Australia