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  Automate AutoCAD with Multi-Batch for Time-Saving Productivity
Streamline your AutoCAD workflow with Multi-Batch.

Our powerful software automates tasks, saving you time and increasing productivity. Download now and experience the difference.

Compatible with all versions of AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT including the latest AutoCAD 2025 and AutoCAD LT 2025 release.

Effortless Automation:
Automate Batch Plot, Purge, Insert, Xrefing, Exporting DXF/DWF, and more with Multi-Batch. Set up any command or routine to work automatically on thousands of drawings.

Proven Performance:
Multi-Batch has been a trusted batch program since 2001, serving professionals in aerospace, architecture, defense, engineering, electronics, and universities.

Save Time, Increase Efficiency:
Eliminate repetitive tasks and manual editing. Multi-Batch saves you valuable hours and improves efficiency.

Muti-Batch Wizards:
Multi-Batch software includes five intuitive wizards that automate routine creation, covering functions like Batch Plot, Saveas Drawing/DXF, Purge, and Import Pagesetups. Streamline your workflow and save time with Multi-Batch. 

Download Multi-Batch Today:
Unlock the power of automation. Download Multi-Batch now to revolutionize your AutoCAD workflow, increase productivity, and save time.

After 2 years of using Multi-Batch I can say that it is a great program.
Thank you very much for it! I just can't imagine what could I do without it!

Raisa - Australia

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"I have downloaded the software, purchased the licence and started using Multibatch yesterday. I must say that I think the program is superb and has already saved a massive amount of time. It is probably the best £20 this company has ever spent." 

Tom - England

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