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Multi-Batch Zip Download

Multi-Batch 23 Fully Operational Trial 
( mbatch23.zip )

Download Multi-Batch
Installation Instructions
  • Download mbatch23.zip to the hard drive location of your choice.
  • Create a folder under My Documents called MultiBatch_23 and unzip the files contained in mbatch23.zip into it.
  • Go to this folder and double click on the MBatch.exe filename.
  • Multi-Batch will perform the initial setup, these setup options can be altered at a later date. 
  • Create a shortcut on your desktop, right click on MBatch.exe, click on Send to, select Desktop (create shortcut)
  • From now Multi-Batch will enable you to use your time better.
  • You can use this download file for installations on multiple machines.
  • When you require full release functionality all you need to do is input the registration key.