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Multi-Batch Features


Unlock the Full Potential of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT with Multi-Batch

Maximize your productivity and streamline your workflow with Multi-Batch. Our software seamlessly integrates with all versions of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, empowering you to enhance their capabilities like never before. Experience the true power of AutoCAD as Multi-Batch enables you to efficiently perform multiple plotting and editing tasks on a large number of drawings. Take your productivity to new heights and unlock the full potential of AutoCAD with Multi-Batch.

Multi-Batch Wizards create the main routines for you:

Easy to understand Graphical User Interfaces:
Multi-Batch has been developed with the end user in mind. (click for Screen Shot)

Multi-Batch can do it all: Why use different programs to Batch Plot, Purge, Change Settings when Multi-Batch can do them all. One program, one interface.

Easy access to your routines: All Routines are from two lists, you don't have to open up different script files.

Network & PC3 printers: The "Plot - Detailed Setup" and "Plot - Page Setup" wizards now list all printers including Network printers. The Paper sizes are also available for easy selection.

Drag & Drop: You can Drag & Drop files from Windows Explorer including the search results.

Combine Routines: Combine multiple routines at runtime.

Read Only files automatically handled: Any read only files are listed before the process begins. If you are not saving the files then Multi-batch can handle them automatically. This is ideal for old files which may be read only for security..

Command line access: Multi-Batch can handle command line entry to process files.

Changes Not Saved Unless Requested: Some programs save the drawings all the time with Multi-Batch drawings are not saved unless requested to do so. During plotting you don't want to save the drawings just plot them.

Timer: You can now defer the processing of drawings for 24 hours. This means you can do your batch processing when nobody is in the office. (click for Screen Shot)

Save & Retrieve Lists: When you have selected the drawings to work on you can now save this selection along with assigned routines and at a later date retrieve the list.

Sorting the List: Drawings can be sorted by Title, Folder or Routine in both ascending and descending order. There is also the option to sort by a field in the file name.

Set the start command: Drawings can now be recovered instead of just opened.

Set AutoCAD Startup switches: You can set the switches which you normally use when starting up AutoCAD for example profiles, template, config etc.

Multi-Batch uses AutoCAD: You don't need to start AutoCAD to run the script file. Once you have selected the drawings and assigned the routines to perform Multi-batch does the rest. It starts AutoCAD processes the drawings and closes AutoCAD.

Script writing made easy within Multi-Batch: Multi-Batch comes with its own editing window and database. This makes it easy to alter existing actions or enter new actions into the database. All you have to do is write the routine that you want to use on the drawings, Multi-batch does the rest. (click for Screen Shot)

Favourites: Multi-Batch comes with two lists "Favourites" and "Non Favourites". This way all your most frequently used routines are at hand when you need them.

Support: Friendly technical support is provided via email. Most questions are answered within 24 hours. We will ensure that you get the help you need, should you have any difficulties using Multi-Batch. 

Simple to install and operate: Multi-Batch uses a full installation program for easy step by step setup. Following installation you have access to a Quick Start Tutorial to get you started quickly. Multi-Batch's three-step operation makes it quick and easy to use.

It's own database: Unlike other Batch programs Multi-Batch comes with its own database and editing window for keeping all the routines. You don't have the messy situation of having separate files for each routine.

Locate the Database on the Network: If you locate the script database on the network, then everyone has access to the routines and the administrator only has one file to maintain.

Locate the Registration file on the Network: If you locate the registration details on the network, then everyone has access to it and the administrator only has one file to maintain.

All changes are made by AutoCAD and not by an outside program: Multi-Batch generates a script file and then uses AutoCAD to run this script file. Therefore only AutoCAD makes changes to your drawings.

Multi-Batch in its own directory: Multi-Batch installs to its own directory where all files and settings are kept.

Achieves greater accuracy: Because the editing process is automated the chance of missing something is greatly reduced.

You do not need to be AutoCAD literate: Multi-Batch uses AutoCAD but once it is set up you do not need to know how to operate AutoCAD. E.g. For the simple task of plotting drawings anyone can do this without them having to start AutoCAD.

Apply different routines to different files in the one session: Multi-Batch allows you to assign different routines to different files. E.g. Plot 300 drawings and Purge another 500 drawings.

Directory history: The last four directories accessed while selecting files are listed under the file pull down menu for quick and easy selection.

Works with multiple files across multiple folders: Since most drawing offices keep separate directories for different types of drawings and different jobs, you invariable need to work across multiple directories.

On line help: You have immediate access to the online help documentation by selecting Contents and Index from the Multi-Batch Help menu. This shows how to get up and running quickly.

Real Scenarios: Check out some real life situations where Multi-Batch has proved to be invaluable.

Free Trial: Download Multi-Batch now for a free trial.