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Multi-Batch Purchase Page

When you need this program you will really need it, so donít be caught out order today:
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Multi-Batch License
Multi-Batch Single Licence - US$49.00

Multi-Batch Site Licences:
2 - 9 licences - US$43.00 each
10 - 24 licences - US$39.00 each
25 - 49 licences - US$36.00 each
50 - 200 licences - US$31.00 each

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MyCommerce/Share-it is on-line order taking company which serves thousands of online software vendors.

How to order Multi-Batch using MyCommerce/Share-it.

  • Click on Buy Now logo above.

  • Select the number of licenses you require, there are large discounts for multiple licenses.

  • Fill in your contact and payment details

  • Confirm details and Complete Transaction.

  • MyCommerce/Share-it will validate the card.

  • MyCommerce/Share-it will immediately send us an automated e-mail confirming the transaction.

Activating Multi-Batch.

  • If you have a trial version of Multi-Batch set up, please send us the serial number

  • Firstly start Multi-Batch

  • Under the Registration pull down menu click on Registration

  • Click on the button "Email Serial Number" or record the serial number and put it into an email. (select and right click > copy/paste the Serial number into an email) 

  • Email this serial number to support@multi-batch.com

  • We need the serial numbers from each Multi-Batch installation(s) to generate your registration numbers. These can be sent over a period of time as you need them.

  • We shall return the registration numbers within 24 hours. Usually less time

  • From the email returned copy/paste the Registration number into the Registration Number text box 

  • Press Ok. This will return you to the main menu.

  • Your registration will be recorded.

What if I purchase a "site license"?

By purchasing one of our "site license" packages, you will simplify your IT department's deployment duties and receive a large discount. This is just one way it can work:

  • Your Company/IT department pre-purchases a set number of non-floating licenses.

  • You provide your uses access to the trial version of Multi-Batch through whatever means you wish, allowing users to "try" Multi-Batch.

  • If the user feels they would like to have Multi-Batch, then they e-mail their personal serial number directly to us, and we return the valid "unlock code" directly to the user. (of course, we can c/c all requests to the company IT representative for confirmation )

  • There is no time limit imposed on this.

  • You can also direct all installations to a central registration file. This is useful if you users with no access to email.

  • If this is not meet your companies specific needs, we can accommodate most situations. Please contact us for your specific site licensing requirements.

    We only receive a confirmation of the quantity of licenses purchased, your e-mail address, your name, and your serial numbers, with any other form of contact, comments or additional information you submit.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your registration, please         
    click here to send us e-mail