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Powerful Routines and Customization Options with Multi-Batch


In addition to the five wizards, Multi-Batch offers over 50 pre-written routines. These ready-to-use routines enable you to quickly get up and running with your processing tasks. Moreover, they serve as a solid foundation for creating your own customized routines to meet your specific needs. Multi-Batch empowers you with extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor the supplied routines to suit your unique requirements. Accelerate your productivity and unlock the full potential of Multi-Batch's versatile routines and customization capabilities. 
Script creation wizards:  
  • Change attributes using Express Tool command Gatte
  • Plot Stamp Off
  • Plot Stamp On
  • Xref: ACAD 2014 - Change Xref Path from Full to Relative
  • Xref: ACAD 2014 - Change Xref Path from Relative to Full
  • Assign ProjectName to drawings
  • Audit Drawings
  • Change Attributes
  • Change Font of Style
  • Change Items of a particular color to a particular layer
  • Change Items of a particular layer to a different layer
  • Change Ltscale
  • Change Text Using Chtext.Lisp File: (Alter this for any lisp file loading)
  • Change the Color of Layers: (Alter this for any layer changes)
  • Convert DXF to a Drawing
  • Create BMP file
  • Delete all Page Setups
  • DWF Using pc3 file. (Plotting Optimized)
  • DWF Using pc3 file. (Viewing Optimized)
  • Erase objects in an area
  • Export DXF Files
  • Export DXF files to a new folder
  • Export DXF files to R12
  • Extract Attributes LT
  • Import Layer State
  • * Import Page Setup
  • Insert Block & pause for user input 
  • Insert Block and Update Existing Block: (Ideal for updating blocks in drawings)
  • Insert Block Into Drawings
  • Make Slide Files
  • New Lock All Viewports
  • New Pause Inserting Block you select insert point: (Use this routine if you need to insert a block in different locations on each drawing)
  • Pack & Go on Multiple Drawings
  • Pause Script to Work on Drawing: (Pauses the script until you type resume)
  • * Plot All Layouts
  • * Plot Drawings using detailed configuration: (Unlike some  batch programs you are allowed to have as many commands as you wish. This allows you to set up detailed plotting)
  • * Plot Model/Layout Automatically
  • * Plot Modelspace LT
  • * Plot Paperspace LT
  • Plot Using Current Default
  • * Plot Using PageSetup
  • Plot Using PC3 file
  • Plot Using Previous Setting
  • New Publish To Web JPG
  • New Publish To Web PNG
  • * Purge All
  • * Purge All except Layers
  • * Purge All, Zoom Extents
  • * Purge only certain objects
  • Improved Recover Drawings
  • Rename Block
  • Rename Layer
  • * Save as R13 / LT95
  • * Save as R14 / LT98 / LT97
  • * New Save as R2000/LT2000
  • * New Save as R2004/LT2004
  • * Save As to a new folder
  • Set variables
  • Xref: Attach Drawing
  • Xref: Bind Type Bind
  • Xref: Bind Type Insert
  • Xref: Change Path
  • New Xref: Change the Color of Xref Layers 
  • Xref: Detach Drawing
  • New Xref: Freeze Xref Layers 
  • Xref: Overlay Drawing
  • Xref: Reload All Drawings
  • Xref: Reload Drawing
  • New Xref: Thaw Xref Layers 
  • New Xref: Turn Off Xref Layers 
  • New Xref: Turn On Xref Layers
  • Xref: Unload Drawing

*  Routines created using Multi-Batch routine creation wizards.

Lisp Downloads:

Chtext.lsp: zip file containing Chtext.lsp which is a very useful text processing routine supplied by AutoCAD.