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Multi-Batch Real Life Success Stories


Midweek, need to finalize 400 as built drawings.  Insert Signature block, Plot, Bind & create DXF

Solution using Multi-Batch:

  • Select all files to Insert Signature block into and assign Insert routine.
  • Select all files to plot and assign Plot routine for plotting A3
  • Select all files to plot and assign Plot routine to create a plot file for the local printers to print A1.
  • Select all files then in one go Bind, Purge and create a DXF of each drawing.
  • As a last check select all DXF files and open each one.

Lunch time Friday . Boss wants 200 drawings sent to the consultants. 1 hard copy and a binded soft copy.

Solution using Multi-Batch:
  • Select all files and assign Purge routine. (fewer faults when binding)
  • Select all files to plot and assign Plot routine.
  • Select all files to bind and assign Bind routine.
  • Begin operation.
  • Enjoy lunch
Engineers need to plot drawings to different printers but is not up to date with AutoCAD and he does not want to waste drawing office time.

Solution using Multi-Batch:

  • The AutoCAD user sets up a routine database with a different plot configuration file for each printer and makes it available on the network
  • Multi-Batch was installed on the Engineers machines, pointing to the routines on the network
  • In the future all the Engineers have to do is select the files to process and assign the print action that he wants to use.
255 drawings submitted for approval by client, but come back with a minor text change in all the notes.

Solution using Multi-Batch:

  • Start Multi-Batch and select Change text in drawings action.
  • Alter the script routine and put in the text you want to change from to the new text.
  • Press Update to alter the database.
  • Select all files and assign Change text in drawings action.
  • By using Multi-Batch it will get every instance of that text change.
Received 290 drawings that needed an "AsBuilt" block inserted into each one and update the rev information in each drawing. Required to update osnaps and insert the "AsBuilt" block in a different position on each drawing. 

Solution using Multi-Batch:

  • Firstly set up a button on your tool bar with the commands ^C^CQSAVE RESUME This saves the current drawing and then resumes the script.
  • Write this script routine in the Multi-Batch script window (setvar "osmode" 37) _Insert "C:\My Documents\Drawings\AsBuilt" This sets the osnaps and inserts the block AsBuilt into the drawing. Because we don't give an insertion point it waits for you to pick the insertion point on the screen. Therefore pausing the script routine.
  • Select all files to Insert AsBuilt block into and assign this new routine.
  • Insert the block where you want.
  • Update the rev and make any changes you want.
  • Click on the button you created to Resume the script.
  • This saves this drawing and resumes the script file on the next drawing.
  • When the next drawing starts it automatically changes your osnaps and waits for the insertion point for the block.
  • This saves lots of time selecting and opening files.
  • Basically any misspelled command will pause the script
50 drawings arrive from the manufacturer all with a font style you don't have and AutoCAD automatically assigns the txt font so they don't print properly.

Solution using Multi-Batch:

  • Select all the files you want to alter.
  • Change the Change Style Font action to suit your needs.
  • Assign the Change Style Font action.
  • Run Multi-Batch
  • Then with the same files selected assign the plot routine.