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 Multi-Batch Special Routines

Bind Routines:

Here are two routines for you to try. The first one overwrites the original file. The second routine saves the binded file in the folder c:/My Acad/New Folder/  change this for your needs. The second routine requires the full version of AutoCAD.

Copy paste them into Multi-Batch and test on some drawings. Be careful because you can bind all the files very quickly. This operation cannot be undone.

; Start of routine 1.
; Warning this will overwrite original files
; Name of drawings to bind. * indicates all drawings
; End of routine 1


; Start of routine 2.
(setq draw_name(getvar "dwgname"))
; Replace folder address between " " for your needs
(setq draw_name (strcat "c:/My Acad/New Folder/"draw_name ))
; Name of drawings to bind. * indicates all drawings

; End of routine 2

If you wish to bind the drawings using the insert option then add the line below to the top of either routine.

Bindtype 1


Extract Attributes Routine:

This routine will work in AutoCAD full and AutoCAD LT. It uses the basic AutoCAD command attext to extract all the information for each drawing into it's own txt file which you then combine into one using combine.bat

This is a routine we have written for one of our customers to Batch Extract the valve details from a series of drawings. You might find this example helpful.

Vlist.txt contains this. Example VREMARKS C050000 This is the attributes tag name and it will extract up to 50 letters/numbers

VALVE-NO C010000
SIZE-V C010000
VSIZE C008000
VTYPE C030000
VDRGNO C010000
VGRID C005000 

Routine for Multi-Batch in blue below.

;;Start of Routine
attext c

;;End of Routine

This will create a txt file of the extracted information for each drawing. Copy all of these txt files to the same directory and copy the attached file combine.bat. In windows explorer double click on combine.bat and you should now have all the extracted information in the one file called combined.csv

Download associated files here:



To add a new routine to Multi-Batch:

  • From the main screen press the "Edit Routines/Wizards" button.
  • The Script Generator screen will appear
  • Enter a description for your new routine
  • Write your script in the script routine window.
  • Press the "Add New Routine" Button
  • Select whether to add it to your Favourites list or not ( by default it will be).
  • Press "Back to Main" to return to the main menu.
  • It can now be assigned to any drawings you wish

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