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 Multi-Batch Updates

Multi-Batch Version 22.0
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2023 & AutoCAD LT 2023

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Multi-Batch Version 22.0
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2022 & AutoCAD LT 2022
Multi-Batch Version 21.0
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2021 & AutoCAD LT 2021
Multi-Batch Version 20.0
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2020 & AutoCAD LT 2020
Multi-Batch Version 19.0
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2019 & AutoCAD LT 2019
Multi-Batch Version 18.0
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2018 & AutoCAD LT 2018
  • Drag & Drop files from Windows Explorer including from search results.
  • Drawing preview available in Windows Explorer
Multi-Batch Version 17.0
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2017 & AutoCAD LT 2017
Multi-Batch Version 16.0
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2016 & AutoCAD LT 2016
  • Add files dialog modernized
Multi-Batch Version 15.0
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2015 & AutoCAD LT 2015
  • Wizards updated
  • Help files updated
Multi-Batch Version 14.1
  • Text size problem resolved
Multi-Batch Version 14.0
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2014 & AutoCAD LT 2014
  • Wizards updated
  • Routines Added. Xref can now change path between Full and Relative
Multi-Batch Version 13.0
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2013 & AutoCAD LT 2013
  • Wizards updated
  • Installation package upgraded to InstallShield
  • Installation now separates user files into My Documents\Multibatch folder for ease of backup and upgrade
Multi-Batch Version 12.0
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2012 & AutoCAD LT 2012
Multi-Batch Version 11.0
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2011 & AutoCAD LT 2011
Multi-Batch Version 10.2
  • Added ability to combine routines at runtime
  • Default installation revised to give consistent installation success
  • Reset setup which makes Multi-Batch look for the setup files again.
Multi-Batch Version 10.0
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2010 & AutoCAD LT 2010
Multi-Batch Version 9.0
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2009 & AutoCAD LT 2009
  • Routine Database format changed. This allows us to install with the minimum of support files
  • Installation software updated to Wise
Multi-Batch Version 8.6
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2008 & AutoCAD LT 2008
  • Automatically handle read only drawings.
  • Custom filter for selecting drawings.
  • Run Multi-Batch from the command line.
  • Sort file names by a field.
Multi-Batch Version 8.0
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2007 & AutoCAD LT 2007
Multi-Batch Version 7.0
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2006 & AutoCAD LT 2006
  • Installation bug fixed
Multi-Batch Version 6.5
  • Updated for release AutoCAD 2005 & AutoCAD LT 2005
  • Recursively search subfolders.
  • Script screen has been updated to make it easier to swap routines between Favourites and Non Favourites lists.
Multi-Batch Version 6.0
  • Updated for AutoCAD 2004 and AutoCAD LT 2004 new features.
  • Set default location for Plot Styles and Plotter configuration files (PC3). These will now be listed in the Plot wizard drop down lists and can be changed in the options menu.
  • Network printers added to Plot Page Setup wizard.
  • Recover drawings routine revised. There is now no need to set the Start command when using this routine. It will automatically know to recover the drawings listed.
  • Convert DXF to Drawing added to R14 set of routines. Due to the fact that release 2004 does not save as R14, you can batch DXF back to release 12 and then batch convert them in R14 to drawings. This routine should not be altered.
  • You can now repeat the whole process numerous times. Ideal for batch potting sets of drawings
  • Import Page setup revised. It now allows you to import all Page setups from the host drawing.
  • Ability to add all files in a folder with one click.
  • History increased to 8 places
  • Pipe character now accepted in the database. Ideal for selecting Xref layers
Multi-Batch Version 5.5
  • "Plot - Detailed Setup" screen split into two tabs, helps lower resolution screens.
  • Network printers and paper sizes added
  • Standard paper sizes added
  • Ability to add custom Paper sizes.
  • File screen revised to allow longer files names to be fully seen
  • Map network drive button added
Multi-Batch Version 5.3
  • More routines added to database
  • Greater emphasises given to Automatic script creation screens
Multi-Batch Version 5.2
  • You can now assign AutoCAD startup switches like profile, templates etc.
  • Option to have a Local or Network site licence.
Multi-Batch Version 5.1
  • The copy/paste feature has been enabled in the script window
Multi-Batch Version 5.0
  • Graphical User Interfaces to Create the five main script routines automatically. Plot using detailed information, Plot using page setups, Save as Drawing/DXF, Purge and Import page setups.
  • Option to start AutoCAD with the recover command instead of the open command. This allows you to recover drawings.
  • Option to run the AutoCAD window as Normal, Minimized or Maximized.
  • Option to leave SDI set to 1. This leaves off the Multiple Document Interface.
  • Saving the list of drawings now saves their associated routines.
  • Saving the script file now allows it to be saved in any folder
Multi-Batch Version 4.03
  • Error No 5 associated with starting AutoCAD on some systems has been fixed
  • Bug where the last drawing in the list was been saved has been corrected
Multi-Batch Version 4.0
  • Drawing preview added.
  • Add path history for quick access to your drawings under the file pull down menu.
Multi-Batch Version 3.5
  • Timer, so you can start the process within 24 hours.
  • The ability to save and retrieve drawing lists.
  • The ability to sort the drawings in the list. (Ascending and descending)
  • Redesigned interface. This makes the list easier to manipulate and the program more user friendly.
  • No need to select whether to save changes or not when writing the script routine. Making script writing even easier.
  • Resolved the Microsoft error which did not show files on certain networks when adding files to the Multi-Batch list.
Multi-Batch Version 3.0
  • Favourites & Non Favourites lists added. This means that your frequently used routines are always at hand and if you need one of your other routines they are only the click of a button away.
  • Plot Actions and other Actions removed, it's now much easier to write script routines for processing your drawings.
  • Main interface has been made easier to operate.
  • More routines added to database.
Multi-Batch Version 2.5.2
  • Start commands within Multi-Batch updated for international use.
  • Action routines updated for international use.
  • Multi-Batch special version available for users whose AutoCAD requires then to answer whether they want to save changes to the start-up default drawing or not. This version answers yes to discard all changes for the default drawing.
Multi-Batch Version 2.5.1
  • Corrected fault in running different types of routines together.
  • Error 429 upon start-up resolved.
  • Script routines updated.